Pin Up – Ex Machina

Organic Modeling of a Pin Up

This 3D model is the product of 3 weeks spent studying the human body, its posture and movements.
I worked closely with a model to understand the difficulties of a pose. I also took dance lessons in order to understand that one bone control the others and that one move in reality is the activation of a chain of muscles. So I modeled a Pin Up, a female body with provocative curves.
Since I loved Ex Machina, I modeled my Pin Up after AVA, the main character. I also rigged the model to give her the pose I wanted. The tricky part was texturing the mesh. I knew she had see through legs and arms and chest so instead of using a texture I modeled every single piece inside of her.


Assignment for Bigrock – Master CG XXIII



Autodesk Maya

Pixar’s Renderman

Adobe Photoshop

Adobe Illustrator